Account Deletion Request

In a scenario where you are no longer interested in advertising or publishing ad with and you have decided your account, should be terminated, then send to the administrator of at stating your reasons why you want your account to be deleted and supply your username.

Please note that once your account is terminated or deleted, all your details on our system will be wiped off and you will no longer be able to access your account with anymore.

Also note that all ads running or expired that belongs to you as a user will also be wiped off totally from our system. Advert placement is directly connected to a particular account holder so once the account is deleted, all ads listing attached to such account will also be deleted along with it.

If after you have requested deletion of your account with and later decided to have a new account, you may go ahead and create a new account afresh. Should in case this information is not too clear to you, contact our support desk at